Bar-Code Reader:
All kinds of bar-code readers to so you can find what you need.

  • Laser or imager solutions
  • Table top or Hand-held models
  • Long lasting mechanism for care free use
Cash Drawers:
Robust and safe cash drawers with various designs and sizes. Cash drawers support opening by both printer and cash drawer port on POS.

  • High quality material to ensure the durability of cash drawer
  • Various models with front rolling or pop-up
  • Can be open by printer or POS
  • Suitable for all POS terminals
cashdrawers-1 cashdrawers-2 cashdrawers-3 cashdrawers-4
High quality keyboard with cherry or Membrane keys. Integrate with three tracks MSR and programmable keys.

  • USB or PS2 interface
  • Support all operating systems
  • Long lifecycle
keyboard-1 keyboard-2 keyboard-3
Two lines VFD or 9.7/12.1/15 LCD Customer display can be integrated with pole or mounted directly on POS.

  • All LCDs can come with touch capabilities
  • Support VESA for wall mounted use
  • Waterproof screen
monitor-1 monitor-2 monitor-3 monitor-4
Printers with fashion design and fast printing speed, suit high-end POS systems. We have both thermal and dot matrix printer.

  • High speed printing
  • Durable high quality cutter and engine
  • Support USB/Serial/Parallel/LAN/WiFi port
  • Beeper for kitchen use
printer-1 printer-2