AnyPos 100:
AnyPos 100 is an all-in-one compact POS with built-in thermal printer and customer display. With 9.7″/12.1″/15.6″ capacitive touch screen, AnyPos 100 largely saves space and makes the machine easy to manage. Powerful Intel or ARM processors support latest OS and help operations run smoothly and fast. It is ideally suited to the most diverse range of markets in traditional.

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AnyPos 200:
AnyPos 200 is an all-in-one compact POS with capacitive touch screen, built-in thermal printer available for both of 80mm and 58mm paper roll and integrated customer display. Based on latest Inte’s Bay Trail or ARM CPU, Comes with 9.7″ or 12.1″ screen size. Suitable for customers that want small footprint solutions without compromising performance.

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Windows/Linux windows linux
AnyPos 233
AnyPos 224
AnyPos 500:
AnyPos 500 offers our industry-leading 5 wire resistive touch screen, helping speed transactions by improving cashier accuracy, performance and user experience. The waterproof displays avoid damage by liquid and dust in harsh environments, making it ideal for everyday use.

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AnyPos 600:
The AnyPos 600 Series POS is a newly developed 15″ touch terminal. With iButton, fingerprint reader and thermal printer, it can meet all demands on the high-end market. 5 wire resistive touch screen and projective capacitive touch screen are both available. A waterproof screen makes it workable for harsh environments. With an industrial motherboard and aluminium housing fanless design, AnyPos 600 is ideal for hospitality, retail, kiosk, healthcare, c-store, petroleum, grocery and other segments.

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